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Bird hunters come upon Bigfoot


Two geese hunters who are from Bethel are the most recent eyewitnesses of a large, hairy, Bigfoot-like creature on the tundra near the community of Bethel.

One of the hunters, speaking on terms of anonymity, said that he and his partner were hunting for geese a few miles from the “golf ball” out on BIA Road on the Atmautluak Trail area when they came across the mysterious creature.

The day was a Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. It was nearing 11pm at night but it was still light out with the longer spring days.

They were on their way home on their 4-wheelers when one of them spotted the large man-like being, covered completely in dark hair sitting on the tundra in front of a lake with its legs stretched out in front of it.

“What is that?” he asked his hunting partner. They thought it was some sort of animal but looking at it, they realized it was sitting down like a person, very manlike.

“It looked like it was sitting down to eat,” said the eyewitness.

It was not a bear – it was too tall even while sitting, and it was not anything resembling a moose – it looked like a humongous person sitting on the tundra.

One of the men was curious and wanted to get closer for a better look. But no, the other hunter did not want to go any closer than they already were, which was about 100 yards or so, so they stayed where they were.

When the men first noticed the hair-covered and enormous being, they stopped to watch. At first the being did not know it was being stared at by the two hunters who were very curiously and intently looking. The creature had looked comfortable sitting on the tundra, turning its head and shoulders nonchalantly when it suddenly locked eyes with the hunters. When it locked eyes with them, the creature immediately stopped fidgeting and focused all of its attention on the two men and froze.

That gave those two hunters the major creeps.

So after trading gazes with the being for about a minute which was about as long as they could stand, the men got back on their ATVs and continued on their way home afraid and shaken but thrilled that they had seen something that could have been Bigfoot! And while they were driving back, they kept looking over their shoulder to make sure the creature was not following them!

The eyewitness who reported this encounter said that he had always questioned the validity of Bigfoot sightings. Never before had he seen anything like this, and now he says they definitely did see something.

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Reader Comments

arawaine writes:

Question: Why didn't either of the men who saw the creature on the frozen Alaskan lake, attempt to contact it? Maybe a hand wave, or even a hello.

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