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AE Tournaments fund JNYO


AE Tournaments fund JNYO

Ayaprun Elitnaurvik will be opening the State JNYO ceremonies with Pledge, Yuuyaraq, and a Yuraq on February 15th, 2013. Those tournaments have made this whole trip possible. Quyana!

Sephora Lestenkof
Bethel, AK

Hello, Good Morning.

First off, I’d like to say it’s great to be back in Bethel. A year in Anchorage has made me appreciate the kindness and generosity inherent to the Delta. That being said, sometimes that can go too far, as I experienced today on my snogo.

While waiting to cross Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway at Schwalbe, the kindness and generosity exhibited by many motorists urging me to cross the busy roadway could have easily caused to a traffic accident; quite probably resulting in injury to my passenger or myself. Additionally, I was quite troubled by a Bethel Police officer urging me to cross AGAINST TRAFFIC LAWS.

So, courtesy of the State of Alaska DMV, here is the dirt on the marked snogo crossing at Schwalbe; first for motorists…

Secondly, for snowmachiners and 4-wheelers…

“A snowmobile or an off-highway vehicle may make a direct crossing of a highway if:

(1) the crossing is made approximately at a right angle to the highway and at a location where visibility along the highway in both directions is clear for a sufficient distance to assure safety, and the crossing can be completed safely and without interfering with other traffic on the highway, and;

(2) the vehicle is brought to a complete stop before crossing the shoulder or roadway, and the driver yields the right-of-way to all traffic on the highway.”

So, I don’t want people to think that I’m ungrateful for attempting to let me cross, exactly the opposite…in Los Anchorage, the car is king and everything else is a potential hood ornament. The point is that we all need to be aware of the rules of the road and consistently apply them.

Mike Tunley
Bethel, AK

PS- the bike/walking lane on the highway IS NOT a turn lane…but we’ll talk about that another time.

Dear All,

I just wanted to send great thanks to our people in Kalskag that donated food and helped with taking people and dogs to the airport, which we are always very grateful and thankful.

Ms. Jenny Moses – cupcakes, rice, barley, peas; Ms. Monica Doss – cookies; Ms. Shelly Blocker – banana bread, pumpkin bread; Anica Store – coffee mate, sugar cubes, eggs, cake mixes, brownie mix, etc.; Loreen Steeves – moose meat, salmon, salmon strips, pancake mix, syrup, bacon, etc.; Glenn & Nus Kameroff – 1 gal. black and red berries; Dave Dorris – hauling people to airport/dumping all the trash; Dawayne Hoffman – hauling dog food and hay to sites; Joey Evan – hauling dogs to airport; Harlen Stewart – hauling dogs and people to airport; Loreen Steeves – posting for donations, food preparations, and clean up after everyone left.

Thank you very much to you all, you’er the greatest. Hope to see you again next year.

Loreen Steeves

K300 Kalskag Checkpoint Volunteer
Kalskag, AK

Ultrasonic Pest Control remover

About two years ago my wife bought an ultrasonic pest control remover and plugged it in the living room. It was about 8 feet away from me then. That spring I kept seeing little bugs crawling on the windowsill so I moved it to a plug in right behind me where I sit and watch TV. Then about a week later she called me from work, I picked up the phone and started to scream at her and even threw the phone down. A day or so later I was getting something from the fridge and she mentioned something to me and I went nuts again, slamming the fridge very hard.

Sitting down watching TV I was thinking about myself going nuts and getting goofy, then I thought about the bug out. So I took the battery out and threw it out. About an hour later while watching TV my brain had a bright flash of light then I felt very good and boy, what a relief.

I am blaming all this on the ultrasonic pest control remover.

Fred Noden
Dillingham, AK

Eskimo Bigfoots

My goodness, that last Delta article was an interesting read. My Grandmother used to say River people have different beliefs and interesting stories. Maybe that’s why many years ago as a teenager, going home from the mountains my Dad’s dog team was acting differently. It was a quiet, calm day...perhaps a bit too much. The sun nearing its disappearing area, colored the skies with reddish yellow orange. The ice floes on the Bering Sea, open waters and Askinuk Mountains gave their majestic display making you feel appreciative of a good day. Anyway, at first the dogs went slow, their team cadence not in order, some peeing and doing their thing. The leader let out a low noise prompting the team into a fast trot, their ears slanted back and all concentrated on teamwork. I applied the brakes once on a while. To my left, I saw something black and running like the Delta’s description of Bigfoot. It disappeared behind a hill never to be seen again. The dogs didn’t notice it nor did they sniff the air like when the fox are around. Maybe it was an Eskimo Bigfoot from the Bethel area that I saw wandering around for food or relatives.

Raphael Murran
Hooper Bay, AK

King Salmon Stock

We are living on a razor’s edge today when it comes to our subsistence way of life in harvesting king salmon in our fish camps since the time kings started migrating the Kuskokwim river. ADFG and USFWS need to put the difficult puzzle together and tell us the truth why the king salmon stock is declining in the Kuskowkim River.

Protesting to rebuild the salmon stock by our own native people and turning into criminals will never work, it only creates more hardships to the individuals involved. The Kuskokwim Management Group who meets to discuss what to do with the declining king salmon will never help. Why should anyone rely on such a group that doesn’t have any management plan or any reliable resource to rebuild valuable resource that is so important to us.

I’ve heard that it is difficult for the scientists when they wonder what to assess the make of the white sharks that live in the ocean. Why should it be different when it comes to the assessment of the make of the kings that migrate to the ocean like the white sharks?

It is mindless to do a stupid act to anyone involved especially the Board of Fish to state “the subsistence fishery may be restricted to gillnets with 4 inch or less mesh”. Is this method conserving king salmon stock?

One must ask when is the best time to start the subsistence closures. When the salmon roe is a roe inside the salmon membrane during early to the middle part in June or in July when the roe becomes an egg outside the salmon membrane? I suggest the closures be in early part of July when the king spawners start migrating the river. This scientific evidence came from the elder who lived in Kwethluk.

I know for a fact that the king salmon spawn in the deepest water streams in the deepest headwaters and in the river with large gravel size. The “deepest water streams” is telling us that the spawning timing for the kings is the start of the rainy season which is in July.

I myself rod and reel for fun but not much. When I catch a fish with my rod and reel I hook fish especially a king that has a very aggressive behavior on the hook which is the most fun part. I guess this aggressive salmon in the hook is the sought after behavior and is the prize of the sport fishermen.

The king salmon was not introduced to this part of the world. The king salmon came to this part of the world on its own. One spring, our ancestors first encountered the king salmon and held it’s first salmon ceremony. Knowing that the fish will be valuable for themselves and for the future generation, our ancestors went up to the headwaters and maintained the spawning streams throughout the year so that this valuable resource would increase. My late uncles Kenneth Peter and Tom Kasayulie told me about this important activity what our ancestors did for themselves and for us.

Everyone involved in this river or out in the ocean need to work together and increase this valuable resource so that the future generation will benefit. If not, our fishcamps will be in the storybook.

George Peter
Akiachak, Alaska

The Sensitive Role of Media

As shareholders are all aware, the media from rural and urban areas have had a distinct role in what has transpired and sadly, in a negative manner as to how they portrayed some of the decisions of the board of directors for Calista Corporation. I was under the impression that the specific role of media - both the newspapers, radio and television was to remain neutral and not create conflict amongst shareholders as was done by KYUK and KTOO channel 2 in Anchorage. The manner in which some of the news was shared through the radio and television was totally out of character and the public stations have no business in the private affairs of the regional corporation. As I have stated many times before and will remain resolute in this situation is that shareholders have an avenue to address the board of directors and that is during the annual meeting of the regional corporation. What transpired is the non-native way of airing dirty laundry with everyone in the public no matter how uncomfortable it may seem and according to the wise advice from our elders, our traditional values and our way of life is totally different from man-made corporate organizations prevalent throughout Alaska.

Let me begin with a radio announcer for KYUK in Bethel who obviously works for his supervisors who have given him specific instructions to create dissension amongst shareholders at all cost. I have listened to the radio talk show hosts on Friday of each week and have listened to him encouraging dissension among shareholders from the region and agreeing to everyone who is calling to question some board issues that have arisen.

My question is how can a public radio station be allowed to create dissension among shareholders by relying on false and misleading information? It would be proper for those in the leadership role, even the board of directors for KYUK to eventually question these and other types of public radio actions that will eventually impact any future funding and possibly put then in jeopardy. It seems the public radio station is more reliant on false and misleading information as opposed to what is true and factual and appearing on the radio talk show host one Friday, I did attempt to rectify some of the information which is a total misrepresentation of facts by shareholders’ and especially the public radio station through its announcer.

Another media mogul from Channel 2 is even more sinister by the way she portrays Native Alaskans that have become more business oriented in the corporate world. I did question how she got a hold of the resolutions that had not even been adopted by the board of directors and her only response was she obtained them from an anonymous source. I can only conclude it had to be one of three shareholders who were present during our meeting. What is most revealing is that one of the key personnel, an executive vice president, made it her ultimate goal to pass out these resolutions without ever asking the Chairman for permission. These and other actions by personnel and shareholders only reveals they have a sinister agenda very different from the board of directors even if they do not convey it to top management and those they work closely with every day.

Recognizing that we are in the electronic world, we are also dealing with other forms of media that have been electronically sent through Facebook, Youtube and personal media sites. Another method of communication that the shareholders heavily relied was the infamous website which is responsible for a majority of false and misleading information that was published in the website. I sincerely believe that this particular website misled our shareholders in the wrong direction. The ultimate outcome of the annual meeting was devastating to say the least but how can shareholders even allow one who is not a shareholder to print false and misleading information prior to the annual meeting? I also question how this particular website may have violated some copyright laws because they utilized the company logo and company name to print these and many other innuendos that was the basis for the outcome of the annual meeting. Any reasonable business minded shareholder should be able to question some of the information that was printed in this website.

Finally, I wanted to share how the President/CEO of Calista Corporation has misled many shareholders in an attempt to regain ultimate control of the current situation. It is unfortunate even the current Chairman, Willie Kasayulie and other directors are fully supporting this continuous misrepresentation of facts. Let me again emphasize the advance to Michael Akerelrea was definitely approved by the President/CEO and not Chairman, Art Heckman, Sr. because I have receipts to show that Art’s signature is not at all present in the paperwork. I want to again reiterate that the current office manager issued the receipt and again I emphasize that someone with higher authority authorized the advance and it has to be Andrew Guy, President/CEO.

In closing, I wanted to share about the outcome of the annual meeting because this became somewhat of a circus for some of the shareholders because the main focus switched from the election of four directors to one of reinstating Andrew Guy as the President/CEO. The media blitz and the onslaught of media showing the disgust of shareholders at the Calista office further highlighted as the main goal of the annual meeting. It is sad to witness what happened during the annual AVCP convention because after one shareholder emphasized reinstating Andrew Guy to the presidency, everyone who fully supported him hooted and hollered at the convention. There is more to reveal as we go along and do not come to any conclusion until you have had the opportunity to review all the facts associated with what has happened. It will be interesting to see what the current board and the President/CEO Andrew Guy will share in the upcoming informational meetings they have scheduled throughout the region.

Felix P. Hess,
Past Calista Director and Shareholder

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