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McCarr, Egoak lead Falcons to NYO win


Brandon Lupie of Bethel hangs on for as long as he can in the HS boys Wrist Carry.

The Kipnuk Falcon high school NYO team held off a strong push by Dillingham at the Bethel Invitational Native Youth Olympics meet held this last weekend, winning the event. Twenty-one teams from all over western Alaska participated in last weekend’s games.

The Falcons also were honored with the Sportsmanship trophy.

Yako McCarr scored 50 points and Alecia Egoak and Allison Anaver both placed in two events and helped carry the Kipnuk Falcons to a win. Kipnuk rolled up a total of 142 points and easily outscored Dillingham, which finished second at 124. The Newtok Jaegers took third with 58 points.

McCarr highlighted the boys’ action. The Kipnuk standout placed in the top five in seven events at the meet, including first in the Kneel Jump and Alaskan High Kick. He posted a jump of 57-5/8 in the Kneel Jump and edged out Newtok’s Gilbert Charles and Jordon George for the top spot.

In the Alaskan High Kick, he reached a winning mark of 93 inches. Akula’s Jeremy Andrew was second at 90”. McCarr also finished second in the 2-Foot High Kick and the One-Arm Reach. He was third in the Toe Kick and Seal Hop, and fifth in the One-Foot High Kick.

McCarr wasn’t the only Kipnuk boy to star in the event. Kevin Brown won two events and scored 28 points, and Clinton Paul finished second in the two events and notched 16. Brandon Paul also added 10.

Brown won the One-Foot and Two-Foot high kicks. He was second in the Toe Kick. He kicked a dizzying height of 91” in the Two-Foot event.

Clinton Paul was second to Dillingham’s Danny Miller in the Wrist Carry and second to Jordon George in the Seal Hop. Miller’s thrilling ride in the Wrist Carry lasted a heartpounding 50 secs.

Brandon Paul was third in the One-Foot High Kick and fourth in the Two-Foot event.

Chika Brown and Eddie Chuckwuk added to Kipnuk’s totals. Brown netted 3.5 points by finishing in a four-way tie for third in the Alaskan High Kick, and Chuckwuk tallied two with a fifth-place mark in the Toe Kick.

George was the third highest scorer among all boys, finishing with 20 points. In addition to winning the grueling Seal Hop with a mark of 120 feet and 10 inches, the Newtok star was third in the Kneel Jump and fourth in the Toe Kick.

Akiak’s Jerry Phillip did well, placing 5th in the seal hop with a distance of 94’7”.

Newtok also collected 14 points from Michael Charles. He won the Toe Kick event, and finished fourth in the Kneel Jump.

Dillingham’s Kendall Alvarado and Oscarville’s Anissum Henry also turned in solid efforts. Alvarado won the Eskimo Stick Pull and finished second in the One-Foot High Kick. Henry was third in the Alaskan High Kick and One-Arm Reach, and fifth in the Kneel Jump.

Akula’s Jeremy Andrew won the One-Arm Reach, and finished second in the Alaskan High Kick.

Oscarville’s Chinace Egoak and Dillingham’s Kaley Rolf and Kendall Dray starred on the girls’ side. Rolf was the girls’ division’s top scorer, netting 28 total points.

Rolf won the One-Foot High Kick and the Alaskan High Kick. She had a spectacular kick of 80” in the One Foot event. Dray finished second in the Kneel Jump and Two-Foot High Kick. She was also fifth in the Wrist Carry.

Egoak won the girls’ Two-Foot High Kick, finished second in the Alaskan High Kick and fourth in the One-Foot event.

Backed by Rolf and Dray, Dillingham was the highest scoring girls’ team with 74 points. The Wolverine girls placed in every event at the meet.

The Bethel Regional High School NYO team also turned in a solid performance. Mary Dyment led all BRHS scorers with 14 points, including 10 for winning the girls’ Seal Hop with a crowd thrilling hop of 139’ 9 5/8”. She also placed fourth in the Wrist Carry.

Bethel girls picked up points from Sophie Poe, Alicia Oscar, Riana Joseph, Rebecca Brink, Sophie Swope, Janlynn Jimmie and Haley O’Brien.

Newtok’s Jordan Kashatok garnered a medal at the meet, winning the girls’ Kneel Jump.

Dillingham’s Jordan Lisac edged out teammate Sydney Dray for top honors in the Wrist Carry.

Toksook Bay’s Megan Friday also picked up a win, as did Nightmute star Revie Tony. Friday won the girls’ Toe Kick title with a stunning jump of 62”. Tony’s impressive reach of 59” helped her collect the win in the girls’ One-Arm Reach.

McGrath’s Aspen Magnuson won first in the girls Stick Pull event.

Dillingham's Kayley Rolf won the HS girls 1-ft. high kick event with an astounding final kick of 80"

Newtok’s Isaiah Fairbanks and Isaiah Charles highlighted the boys’ junior varsity action. Fairbanks won the Kneel Jump, One-Arm Reach. He also placed second in the Alaskan High Kick, One-Foot High Kick and Eskimo Stick Pull.

Charles won the Two-Foot High Kick, Toe Kick and One-Foot High Kick. He was second in the Kneel Jump and fourth in the Alaskan High Kick. Charles had an incredible jump of 90” in the Toe Kick event.

McGrath’s Teresa Korn and Bethel’s Ashley Mute both performed well in the JV girls’ division.

Korn won the Wrist Carry and Two-Foot High Kick crowns. She was fourth in the Alaskan High Kick and fifth in the Seal Hop.

Mute won the Alaskan High Kick, finished second in the One-Foot High Kick and fourth in the One-Arm Reach. She also finished fifth in the Eskimo Stick Pull.

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