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The Real Tea Parties


The cold days of this month have kept many indoors for the most part and may induce cabin fever a bit early, as we sometimes refer to agitation over trivial things, especially to men who are outdoors a lot. And the inclement days of warming temperatures are still a few months away.

So what do we do? We could have an afternoon tea party, like our parents often did when stormy weather hits. Many an afternoon, about three-ish, my mother would make tea and invite a friend/s and spent a long time drinking tea and just yarning about anything, mostly gossiping and continually laughing. Seemingly, just passing time conversing.

Sometimes, when my parents invite a couple, I would listen to the men talk of hunting and fishing, or just talk about what someone caught in the village, or other villages near and far.

In those days, we heard when someone caught big game, even as far away as Akiachak. It was far away in those days when travel was only by dog-team, if one had any. In earlier days, it was by walking…probably running most of the time and at night. Summer travel was only by kayaq, or canoe, if one had one.

So, the afternoon tea gatherings were simply getting together and drinking tea. I used to smile and watch, especially the older folks as they held a saucer filled with tea with both hands and occasionally take a sip.

Sometimes it took them a while as they slowly took sips to empty a small flat saucer. The older folks would make long sipping sounds as they slowly drank tea from their saucers.

As my father had taught us kids not to laugh when he had guests in the house, I would hide and chuckle. But sometimes I couldn’t help it, so I would burst out laughing. We were told not to laugh, as our guests might think we are laughing about them. They surely enjoyed those afternoon and evening tea parties.

So, about the Tea Party gatherings that we kept hearing about...this past year especially. I bet they were not drinking tea, but something else as Happy Hour goers do. And, if no today’s Tea Party gatherings…topics are probably sometimes innuendo, gossip, and hearsay.

As far as the Tea Party-backed Presidential Candidates…aren’t they being weeded out one by one? As they get weeded out, if Wall Street is the indicator of stock market trends, the United States economy is rebounding. Now if the Congress of the United States can read and understand the market recovery, we still have hope for our country’s economic ascendancy.

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