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Arnaucuaq Maryann Sundown Oct. 2, 1918 – Oct. 26, 2011


Maryann Sundown, surrounded by her family, is honored at the 2010 Cama-i Festival.

Arnaucuaq Maryann Sundown was born October 2, 1918 to Apakussutaq and Maangiar Qassayuli at Ing’errlak, which is located on the other side of Scammon Bay.

Throughout her lifetime she has seen changes from a very traditional lifestyle to a world full of technology down to her “limote”.

Her belief in God was beyond reality. She walked to church until she no longer could walk. One of her last instruction to the family was to never stop praying. The family witnessed her making the sign of the cross even though she got weaker.

As an advocate of our rich Yup’ik traditions and customs, she was known statewide as a “dance diva”. Her dancing entertained all people. She also loved to fish, sew baskets and many subsistence activities.

She is preceded in death by her husband of 60 years, Canaar Teddy Sundown. 3 children: Veronica, Martin and Veronica. Olders siblings: Qikertaugaq Agnes Walker, Pulaviilnguq Eirma Tomaganuk, Casqaq Willie Kasayuli, Tuqunalria Lucy Akerelrea. Grandchildren: Isaac Smith, Elia Charlie, Chan Sundown, Rebecca Norman Charlie, Abraham Charlie, Esther Naneng. Great grandchildren: Michael Prince, Alma Smith, Jeremy Charlie, Christian Rivers, and Adam Rivers.

Special thanks to the following people and organizations:

Leota Sundown for 15 years of caring for Mom • Carla Utteryuk for making sure Mom was never alone • Tina Utteryuk for being her assistant care giver • Mildred Camille for dedicated bedside vigil • Linda Curda for the best nursing care that Mom could possibly get • Jolene Sundown for the well trained knowledge of caring for elders • Mattie Rivers for the healthcare provided during her final days • Catherine Utteryuk, a special companion during her fishing days • Benita Lake for being an all around helper • Steven Utteryuk for being Aanang’s hands, feet and eyes • Elizabeth Kasayuli and Caroline Ulak for their dedicated service in providing communion • Harley Sundown for making it possible for Mom to travel all over Alaska to dance • Morgan Simon for making the casket • Peter George for making the cross • Aaron Kaganak for making the outer box for the casket • Peter Utteryuk Sr., Peter Utteryuk Jr., Jerrol Jones, and Harold Jones for digging the grave • Missy Rivers, Shastina McKeag, Zack Miller for creating the funeral paper and slideshow • Dave Hicks - Alaska Commercial Manager, CVRF, AVCP, Village of Scammon Bay, Askinuk Corporation, YKHC CHAP, Scammon Bay Traditional Council, Scammon Bay High School for the donation of consumables and other items • Ann Glasheen, Linda Curda, Sheila Wallace, Laurita Nerby, Grace Haas for donations of food • People who sent fresh and gravesite flowers • Everyone who stayed throughout the while vigil • Musicians who sang songs late into the evenings • and ALL others who provided moral support and especially prayers, for those of you whose name we may have forgotten Mom appreciates each and every one of you and she knows who you are.

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