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Chevak Clean up/Green Up Spring & Fall Clean Ups


The ALPAR team gets ready to clean up thier community during their Annual Spring Clean Up in Chevak. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Paniyak

By Cynthia Paniyak and Deborah Friday-Aguchak

This year’s Annual Spring Community Clean Up in Chevak was held June 6th & 8-9th, 2011. Our spring cleaning has gathered up to 1,502 bags & big trash items.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the following organizations that have supported Chevak’s Annual Clean up: Calista Corporation, Everts Air Cargo, NortHeat Hearth & Home Inc, AK Grocery Shippers, Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation, The Association of Village Council Presidents, YKHC Warehouse, AK Village Electric Cooperative, AVCP TANF, Our Cache, Wayne Hill Co., Chevak Company Corp., Roy Atchak, Kashunamiut School District, City of Chevak & Chevak Traditional Council. Want to thank BP Exploration for the donation of yellow trash bags. Hats off to all, for your support!!

Prizes: Ages 2-6 years-1st Ace Hill, 2nd Leah Slats, 3rd Richard Tuluk, 4th Robert Chayalkun, 5th Shaniel Slats, 6th: Pearl Angaiak; Ages 7-11 years-1st Edward Atcherian, 2nd Logan Matchian, 3rd Edwina Bell, 4th Seth Tall, 5th Avery Matchian, 6th Curtis Paniyak, 7th Sara Ulroan; Ages 12-17-1st Steve Nash, 2nd Christiane Chayalkun, 3rd Grace Boyscout, 4th Lincoln Friday, 5th Margaret Chayalkun, and 6th Marcus Seton.

Household Yard Clean Up was the week before community clean up and had prizes - 1st Stella & Larry Lake, 2nd Marita & Fred Nash, & 3rd Ruth & Dion Imgalrea were the household winners and Quyana Cakneq for the participating households.

This year’s Alaskan’s for Litter Prevention And Recycling (ALPAR) Youth Litter Patrol (YLP) was held from August 15-16, 2011 in Chevak. Patrollers were: Austin Atcherian, Leonard Atcherian II, Joseph Friday, Marlene Paniyak, Kendra Pequeno, Maggie Pequeno, and Brody Ulroan. Supervisor this year was: Thecla Tuluk.

This youth litter patrol was a follow up from the annual community clean up. There were 118 bags of trash picked with 5 bags of aluminum cans (pop cans) collected with a total of 123 bags!! BP Exploration yellow trash bags were used to clean the community of Chevak. The ALPAR YLP cleaned up all over town and made our town clean before our Annual TundraFest. Pats on the back to this year’s patrollers and all who supported this year’s ALPAR YLP!

We would also like to thank the following that have contributed to this year’s ALPAR YLP: Kashunamiut School District, City of Chevak, and Chevak Traditional Council.

This two-day project was made possible by funds from ALPAR. ALPAR is a privately-funded, non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating litter and increasing recycling in Alaska. Thank you ALPAR!!!

We, at Chevak Traditional Council Environmental Department, encourage everyone young and old not to litter and let’s keep our community beautiful and clean. Reminder: Please bring your trash back with you when out fishing, traditional food gathering, and hunting. Quyana Cakneq and Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Fall Season!

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