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Norcross completes muddy Lost Lake Run


Former Bethel resident Dave Norcross is no stranger to enduring tough conditions when he is running. Crossing mountains, valleys rivers and other obstacles are par for the course.

Now he can add mud to the list … although he would preferred not to.

Norcross finished among the top 150 runners in Saturday’s Lost Lake Run near Seward despite muddy conditions along the 15.75-mile trail on the southern Kenai Peninsula.

“It was absolute mud,” said Norcross. “It was a tough race because there was mud. I fell a couple of times and that kind of made me gun shy. After the last fall, I told myself I was just going to take in slow and easy.”

Norcross was among more than 500 runners who competed in the race, which began at the Primrose Campground. The race wound its way through the mountains before finishing at the Bear Creek Fire Department.

Norcross said the race began well enough. After leaving the starting line, the runners made their way up the side of a mountain. Once they had reached the top, the trail turned to mud.

“At about Mile 6, you get to the top of the mountain. Then, for probably about seven miles, you had to run in the mud,” he said. “The mud had a lot of rocks in it, so you were always stepping on them and twisting your ankles.”

It was truly a Man vs. Mud race from there.

The mud won over several occasions, Norcross said.

“I fell face first in the mud several times,” he said. “I would have to get up and run to the next river and wash my face off.”

At about Mile 10, the trail threw the runners a new challenge – it began sloping downward. The downward slope and the mud forced many runners to change their pace.

“It was muddy and there wasn’t a lot of tundra,” he said. “It was just a gradual downhill. You had to be careful, because if you went down, you could slide 1,000 feet down.”

After my last fall, I decided to take it easy,” said Norcross, who has competed in 15 endurance races this summer, including the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage.

Norcross said he planned to compete in two more races this year, including a half-marathon in Kenai. He has an impressive resume, last year he participated in 15 events – including five half-marathons.

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