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Bethel Fire Department Calls for week ending August 19


•On 8/12/11 at 9:03pm, medics responded to Standard Oil Road for the report of an ATV accident. Upon arrival, medics found a 42 year old male needing transport to the hospital. The patient was assessed and transported to the hospital.

•On 8/13/11 at 7:24pm, medics responded to Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway for the report of a child who had possibly swallowed a large number of prescription pills. Upon arrival, medics found an 8 month old male who wasn’t showing any sign of trouble. Medics assessed the patient and transported him with mother to the hospital.

•On 8/13/11 at 9:07pm, medics responded to the high school for a report of a male who had injured his leg while running. Upon arrival, medics made contact with persons found in the area and searched the high school property. No person in distress was found. Medics returned to quarters.

•On 8/13/11 at 11:10pm, firefighters responded to Alex Hately Drive for a report of smoke and flames, while en route officers at the scene found the source to be a bonfire. Firefighters returned to quarters.

•On 8/15/11 at 3:22pm, medics responded to the area of Sixth Avenue for a report of a patient with a rib fracture. Medics examined the patient; the patient declined further medical care. Medics returned to the station.

•On 8/15/11 at 6:45pm, medics responded to a report of a patient having seizures at the airport. Medics gave appropriate treatment and transported the patient to the hospital.

•On 8/16/11 at 3:33pm, medics responded to YKDRH for a patient transport. Upon arrival, medics found an 80 year old male prepared for transport by hospital staff. the patient and escort were transported to an awaiting aircraft.

•On 8/16/11 at 5:04pm, medics responded to 7th Avenue for the report of a patient acting strangely. Upon arrival, medics gave appropriate treatments, restrained the patient for safety and transported to the hospital.

•On 8/18/11 at 12:34pm, firefighters responded to Alex Hately Drive for the report of a Fire on a back porch. Upon arrival, firefighters found flames extinguished by responding neighbor and police officer. Firefighters continued overhaul of damaged area to assure no hot spots remained. Fire originated in an electrical meat smoker that was covered by sheets of plywood while in use.

•On 8/19/11 at 11:59pm, firefighters responded to State Highway for a report of a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. Upon arrival, the facility was checked for CO with a 4 gas meter for the cause of the alarm. The CO alarms were found to be functioning properly; a simulated reading on the alarm during a routine test caused the concern of the building staff. firefighters returned to quarters.

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